Fragile / Brekber


If you know how wind in the winter feels
or the bright light in the spring, then
ask yourself: how fragile are our lives?

If you know how trees in the summer smell
or the colored leaves in the fall, then you
might also wonder: how fragile is our love?  

But the frailty of both has no measurable size,
for our lives are indisputably part of fickle nature
and love is only sustainable if we manage to survive. 


Ast witst hoe´t de wyn by’t winter fielt
of it skelle ljocht yn maaie, freegje dan
dysels ris ôf: hoe brekber is ús libben?

Ast witst hoe’t beammen simmers rûke
of it bûnte blêd by't hjerst, dan kinst dy
ek ôffreegje: hoe brekber is de leafde?

Mar it breklike fan beide is samar net te mjitten,
om’t ús libben sûnder mis like wif is as de see
en leafde pas duorsum as we slagje te oerlibjen.